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For those of you who are early adopters like I am, you’re probably aware of the latest Apple technology introduced this month. Apple’s use of consumer data has allowed them to build the best product for consumer needs. They are innovators in their industry. Just like Apple, Regenexx has been on the forefront of the Interventional Orthopedic industry based on our unique ability to track and analyze every one of our patients. We have patients who are 5, 8, 10 or even 12 years out from their nonsurgical Regenexx procedure. This amount of research and data allows us to make advancements in our field that bring patients an outcome based treatment approach customized to their specific orthopedic needs and are grounded in improving the lives of our patients.

Regenexx® stem cell procedures have been studied extensively for more than a decade and our patients are part of the world’s largest human mesenchymal stem cell re-implantation database for orthopedic purposes.

We are the only orthopedic providers in the world with an outcome registry. 

See Regenexx Live Patient Outcome Data below:


The current case study shows the economic and physical impact we are making with our corporate clients

As of February 2018… We have reduced our corporate partners’ orthopedic costs by up to 70%* at an overall savings of nearly $6.140 MILLION dollars with an average patient improvement at 6 months of 80%.

Patient Success is Our Priority

Sheri, a small business owner, was able to keep her company running by avoiding a lengthy recovery and opting for a non surgical patented Regenexx procedure. Sheri is back to 98 percent of her function and virtually pain free at her six month appointment. See Sheri’s 2-minute video below:

Promoting Your Employee’s Well-Being through the Nations Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Updates and Findings From Regenexx®

We look forward to showing you how our corporate program helps companies just like yours save money while contributing to employee well-being and orthopedic health.

* This data was calculated based on the gross savings realized from substituting percutaneous orthobiologic procedures for invasive, elective orthopedic surgeries within our pilot program in Des Moines, IA. Now that we have more data from more clients, we will update our cost savings on a quarterly basis using a sampling methodology, later this year we will be introducing an actuarial based process.