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Orthobiologics is the use of cell based treatments to promote healing by amplifying the body’s ability to repair itself. It is one of the fastest growing medical fields in the world, which also makes the standards and regulations of this field a challenge. Standards, protocol and outcomes-based efficacy are some of the categories that set Regenexx in a field of it’s own and second to none. Those are concepts that need to be further discussed in order to really understand why and how Regenexx far supersedes any other regenerative medicine providers.

50% – The Published Research On Regenexx Procedures Accounts for Approximately 50% of the World’s Orthopedic Stem Cell Literature (Cumulative N of Patients Published & Treated with Bone Marrow Stem Cells as of 7/1/2017)


Why Regenexx Can Claim to be the Best in Interventional Orthopedics

National Network To Support Large Client Footprint and Needs

  • Only National Network with Experienced partners that partner with self-funded companies
  • National orthopedic clinical network that is FDA Compliant (CFR 21 Part 1271)
  • Standardized Procedures and Protocol Quality Assurance Program
  • Nationwide Network of clinics and physicians to support corporate client operations

Research and Data Driven To Continuously Improve Efficacy

  • Published over 30 times more research than any other clinical network in the world
  • Live Outcomes Data Tool published on website for transparency
  • Over 50% of all orthobiologic research has been conducted and published by Regenexx
  • Patient registry includes outcome data up to 9 years post procedure
  • Five Randomized Control Trials in the process of being published

Flexible Lab Platform

  • Customized dosing to precise concentrations
  • Ability to count cells, not a one-size-fits all solution
  • Specific procedure protocols designed to treat different levels of severity

Elite Specialty Trained Physician Network

  • Training program lead by non-profit Interventional Orthopedics Foundation
  • Strict physician qualification criteria
  • 3 Levels of Specialty Education for every body part and procedure type
  • Musculoskeletal and Interventional Orthopedic experts
  • Continuous Education, protocol and practice requirements

With the recent Regenexx merger, our efforts are now focused on highlighting the multiple benefits of partnering with Regenexx. I will continue to update you each month with our Corporate Case Study and Monthly Savings Report as it displays how significant our partnership can impact a business’ bottom line. We are saving companies millions while offering their employees a much safer and effective option than surgery.

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Promoting Your Employee’s Wellbeing through the Nations Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Updates and Findings From Regenexx®

We look forward to showing you how the Regenexx Corporate Program helps companies just like yours save money while contributing to employee wellbeing and orthopedic health.