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Regenexx Corporate Careers

Position: Corporate Marketing Manager

Full time, salaried, health and 401k benefits

Reports to: Executive Vice President, Operations

Key Responsibilities:

Regenexx Corporate is transforming the way Orthopedic care is utilized in the US and we’re looking for the right self-starter to run our marketing efforts. We are the trusted alternative to orthopedic surgery, but without insurance coverage Regenexx will only be an option for the few with the means to pay out of pocket. On a level playing field, i.e. when Regenexx is covered, the vast majority of patients will choose these minimally invasive procedures over the surgical alternative. Orthopedic care is a field of medicine ripe for a paradigm shift as the current continuum of care moves patients quickly to surgical interventions that all too often are ineffective.

You will be the key marketing manager and asset producer for Regenexx Corporate. We are growing at an astronomical pace and need our corporate program message communicated professionally with a systematic approach. Your part of our goal is to expand engagement and produce long term, widespread use and loyalty of the Regenexx Corporate Program. In this role you will:

  • Plan, develop and execute marketing initiatives that requires heavy industry writing. This includes developing a pipeline of monthly newsletters: Orthopedic Insights and Regenexx at Work that you will develop relevant content for based on company and industry knowledge, pulling in reputable sources as well as highlighting traction Regenexx is currently gaining.
  • Develop and execute video production, client focused educational materials, podcast materials, social media materials and any other materials and strategies that impact the B2B/B2E marketing goals and the needs of the sales team’s objectives.
  • Be the thought leader for ongoing content and corporate marketing initiatives.
  • Work with a variety of stakeholders to ensure work is meeting the needs of internal and external stakeholders including our sales team, broker partners, TPA partners, and other vendors that we work with across our book of business.
  • Reduce redundancy in marketing efforts, create efficient iterations of existing processes and optimize opportunities through both B2B and B2E channels.
  • Collaborate to set aggressive goals for this position and demonstrate leadership through accountability for those goals.

This multifaceted role requires the creation of unique marketing materials to target:

  • New self-funded employers, Brokers, and TPAs to clearly communicate the value proposition of adding Regenexx to their health plans.
  • Existing Brokers to help convey the Regenexx benefits to their self-funded clients.
  • Existing Self-Funded employers to encourage sharing benefit materials to their employees.

Examples of marketing materials for promotion to the broker and business channel include cost savings reports, video testimonials, brochures, data points of value, reports, playbooks, self-funded employer/broker interviews, newsletters, peer interviews, quarterly reports, year-in-review messaging and any other materials of value to this channel.

B2B Leadership Positioning:

Position Regenexx as the leader in both cost saving strategies and employee wellness initiatives by engaging in ongoing industry initiatives, podcasts, engagements with thought leaders that lead to crowding.

Business to Employee:

You will collaborate with internal teams to support education and communication to the corporate patient that is employee benefit focused and moves them along the patient pathway.  This includes using existing private-pay marketing materials as well as creating new materials such as post-procedure employee surveys, employee-patient interviews, etc.

This part of your role requires marketing materials to target employees that are not familiar with Regenexx or unaware that Regenexx is an added benefit under their healthcare plan.  Examples of marketing materials for promotion to the employee include the benefits card, call-center scripting, email campaigns, surveys and other informative tactics of value at this stage.

Monitor and Manage:

This role is responsible for the marketing calendar and adjusting the content strategy as needed while working with other departments as needed to achieve marketing deadlines.  The performance of each marketing initiative or content piece will be monitored by you through trackable metrics and/or through feedback from the sales and utilization teams. You will work to set aggressive goals for this role.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with outside vendors such as designers, printers, and videographers on creating and deploying materials- either in print, video or digital.
  • Work with other internal marketing team and corporate team members to continuously gather new content for deliverables.
  • Develop website content to achieve corporate goals and further communication funnel
  • Identify new content opportunities and create high performing content
  • Work with our digital marketing agency to identify and create content for lead generation advertising.
  • Create a pipeline of content for use on social media
  • Collaborate with outside industry media influencers (podcasts, EHIR, etc) to build opportunities for Regenexx as the leader in cost-savings strategies
  • Collaborate with current clients to build utilization of the Regenexx marketing materials, learn what can be done more effectively and obtain real-time examples to use in marketing materials.

You may also be involved in projects and tasks outside the above scope.

Required Qualifications/Prior Experience

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, journalism, or related field (or equivalent experience)

  • Minimum of 4-6 years in copywriting, marketing content development, and/or brand messaging for B2B audiences primarily and B2C audiences secondarily.
  • Copywriting for healthcare-related and/or insurance businesses is very important. The importance of a working knowledge of these industries, the lexicon, and trends within cannot be overstated.
  • Exceptional copywriting, proofreading, and editing skills are a must.


  • Has created and managed content for social media platforms.
  • Can independently create video content quickly.
  • Experience developing and/or managing a content strategy and content distribution system.
  • Experience developing and managing content-related project plans.

*Writing, video and social media samples will be required as part of the interview process.

Personal Skills

  • Attention to detail is critical.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Self-starter who can work independently and collaborate in a team environment.

Ability to manage a diverse set of tasks, prioritize workload, and deliver results against deadlines in a fast-paced environment – strong project management.

Preferred Qualifications:

Adobe Creative Suite, Stripo, Canva, Teamwork, Hootsuite, Social media platforms, Survey Monkey, experience working in a performance marketing or data-driven environment.

About Regenexx:

Regenexx® is a worldwide network of physicians who have undergone hundreds of hours of specialized training in proprietary Interventional Orthopedics protocols. These injection-based procedures use the body’s natural healing ability to repair damage to bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments non-surgically. Our research-driven techniques allow us to concentrate cells and to place them in the precise area of injury to promote healing and achieve optimal outcomes.

The Regenexx business model is split into two distinct branches. These two branches are the private-pay business (Regenexx) and the self-funded employer business (Regenexx Corporate).  In the private-pay model we advertise directly to prospective patients nationwide who pay out-of-pocket for procedures.  In the Regenexx Corporate model, our corporate sales team contracts with various self-funded employers who opt to cover the Regenexx procedures for their employees under their health plans through B2B marketing.  Once the Regenexx Corporate Program is added to a self-funded company, we work in tandem with the private-pay marketing efforts to overlay an employee marketing message which greatly shortens the acquisition of a patient.  We call this B2E marketing.