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When employees are asked what they’re most thankful for, the response is usually “my job.” The further response to this is “my job gives me the ability to provide for my family’s well-being.” The value of their employment is at the core of this response and even more so, the value of their employment is critical to their family’s well-being. Therefore, it is not intrinsically just the job that drives employees.

The appreciation people have for their employment has become increasingly tethered to workplace benefits. In fact, 58 percent of employees today say they’d be willing to take a job with slightly lower pay but a more robust benefits package.(1)

One of the highest values is their company’s healthcare offerings. 88 percent of employees give significant consideration to health, dental and vision insurance benefits when evaluating a potential job.(2) 

As an employer, you have the ability to give your employees and their families better healthcare options than what they are currently receiving while lowering your current healthcare spend. This means creating a healthcare plan with dynamic benefits.

A healthcare plan void of orthopedic options in 2018 is simply an ill-advised plan for a successful company looking to provide options in care their employees want.

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As of February 28, 2018… We have reduced our corporate partners’ orthopedic surgical costs by up to 70%* at an overall savings of over $6.2 MILLION dollars with an average patient improvement at 6 months of 80%.  In addition, their employees are choosing our procedures over the surgical alternative over 95% of the time!

Dwight avoided knee surgery and opted for a Regenexx Same Day procedure to repair and regenerate his knee to get back to playing volleyball and living an active lifestyle again.

Promoting Your Employee’s Well-being through the Nation’s Leader in Regenerative Medicine

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The healthcare cost revolution is happening as employers recognize they have to change the trajectory of their healthcare expenses. Incorporating the Regenexx procedures into your healthcare plans is a win for employers and a win for employees. We look forward to having the conversation with you about how we can help.

* This data was calculated based on the gross savings realized from substituting percutaneous orthobiologic procedures for invasive, elective orthopedic surgeries within our pilot program in Des Moines, IA. Now that we have more data from more clients, we will update our cost savings on a quarterly basis using a sampling methodology, later this year we will be introducing an actuarial based process.