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As an employer that is serious about making qualified decisions based on outcomes, you will be interested to learn about the latest studies of Regenexx patients.

This year Regenexx published the world’s largest stem cell safety paper in any medical indication (not just orthopedics). This is the most in-depth analysis of safety available and is the longest follow-up period for a large group of patients where all complaints are reported.

We are part of the most advanced stem cell based musculoskeletal practice in the United States with more stem cell orthopedic experience and data published in research journals than any other clinic worldwide.

This research means knowledge. This knowledge translates into successful outcomes for your employees. This means your employees are back to productive daily living with less downtime at a significantly lower cost than the surgical alternative. An article in International Orthopaedics Journal

A multi-center analysis of adverse events among two thousand, three hundred and seventy-two adult patients undergoing adult autologous stem cell therapy for orthopedic conditions

Centeno, C.J., Al-Sayegh, H., Freeman, M.D. et al. International Orthopaedics (SICOT) (2016) 40: 1755. doi:10.1007/s00264-016-3162-y. Read link below:


Our Unmatched Body of Research

Regenexx regularly conducts studies relating to regenerative stem cell and blood platelet treatments. Experience our research with the link below:


Promoting Your Employee’s Wellbeing through the Nations Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Updates and Findings From Regenexx®

We make the complexities of adding to our procedures simple and at no cost to you. I look forward to showing you how we have helped companies just like yours add our procedures to your health and worker’s compensation programs.