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How to Stop Corporate Healthcare Expenses From Threatening Your Company Profits

Reduce Your Company’s Health Care Costs

Improve Your Bottom Line

Have a Powerful Retention and Recruiting Benefit

Since 2015 Regenexx has improved healthcare for hundreds of thousands of employees while lowering costs for self-insured companies. Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from Fortune 500 and Chairman Steve Lacy of Meredith Corporation.

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This informative white paper will outline:

  • How you can reduce your orthopedic healthcare costs by up to 70%
  • How to give employees a non surgical healthcare benefit they desire
  • Why and How you are one of only three entities in the U.S. that can control the cost of healthcare

What’s dangerous is not to evolve. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

You will also learn:

  • The real cost of Healthcare- you’ll be shocked
  • How multiple Misaligned incentives work against the employer
  • The Modern, disruptive solution to the problem Solution
  • Case Studies with Self-Insured Businesses