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We are intervening on 80% of patients who are surgical candidates for 17% of the cost of surgery with better outcomes.

from the desk of Jason Hellickson

I would like to walk you through exactly how we have accomplished this with self-insured employers and demonstrate how we easily add our procedures to your healthcare and workers’ compensation plans.

Orthobiologics, the use of naturally derived cells from your body to heal injuries, is the future of orthopedic medicine. Surgical solutions will become the last resort. The use of stem cell and blood platelet procedures before the jump to orthopedic surgery has saved companies millions in unnecessary orthopedic expenses.

Listen to Doug and how the Regenexx Procedures helped him avoid two orthopedic surgeries and obtain better results… His message is to learn more…

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I am looking forward to showing you how Regenexx gives your company access to the world’s most advanced orthopedic treatments available in the United States.