Mark Testa

Executive Vice President

With 30 years of mastery in nonsurgical musculoskeletal care and close to 15 years in regenerative medicine, I have some ideas how to drive down your healthcare expenses.
 As a licensed insurance broker specializing in self-funded health benefits, I combine my clinical insights with fiscal strategy to optimize your healthcare ROI.
 I’m your go-to expert.

Expertise: Non surgical musculoskeletal healthcare and regenerative medicine

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Employer &
Broker Testimonials

“Regenexx was brought to us by our benefits advisors as an idea when we asked for alternatives around handling the high orthopedic-related costs we were seeing on our plan…Regenexx not only works, it greatly reduces downtime, pain, and risk, removes a lot of the anxiety of surgery”

Sandi Judson, VP of HR

Behler-Young Company

“We’ve integrated Regenexx into over 40 health plans…Our collaboration with Mark Testa and the Regenexx team, for nearly five years has been smooth, easy
to implement with our TPA”

John Frissora

President and CEO

“Mark Testa’s clear explanation and the program’s extensive research and outcomes made us question why we hadn’t adopted this for all our groups sooner. Regenexx collaborates smoothly with our preferred TPAs, and their educational strategies effectively
engage people before they head down the surgery path.”

David Contorno

Founder and CEO

“Mark Testa was instrumental on the Regenexx side in linking our digital physical therapy and surgical referrals within our plan to their education center and local doctors. Mark works within a clients health ecosystem to best leverage all resources to create a positive journey for the member and to improve the overall health of the company.”

Tammy Olsen

Area Senior Vice President

“I have collaborated with Mark Testa at Regenexx both as an advisor and a patient…Implementing Regenexx has been straightforward, and I highly recommend reaching out to learn more
about this effective solution.”

Gale Woods

Senior Vice President

Patient Results

Regenexx maintains an active patient registry that tracks patients’ progress or side effects, post-procedure. Our outcomes database contains records on tens of thousands of Regenexx procedures performed by physicians in our network.

Below, you can explore the outcomes database and see the number of currently tracked procedures as well as patient-reported results.