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From the desk of Jason Hellickson:

Now that NFL pre-season is underway, their players begin to incur multitude of injuries. Like in football, shoulder injuries are prevalent in the workforce, accounting for the second most common workplace injury and commonly occur in conjunction with injuries to another body part.

Professional athletes have successfully used stem cell treatments to repair and regenerate injuries while avoiding the lengthy downtime and risks associated with possible career-ending surgeries. These advanced technology procedures are what Regenexx does every day for people like you and me. In fact, Regenexx patients repair and recover 60% faster than the surgical alternative.

Regenexx has helped companies save millions of dollars each month by giving employees the choice to pursue a customized non-surgical procedure with the leader in regenerative orthopedic medicine. There is no cost to you to add the Regenexx Patented procedures to your plans.

We’re moving employees from highly invasive surgeries to non-invasive needle-based procedures performed with precise guidance.

Look at What Interventional Orthopedics Looks Like in the Shoulder

Regenexx treatments repair AND regenerate tissue naturally, resulting in increased function. View our Regenexx Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Patient Outcome Data in below link.


View our Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure Safety Study in below link


Promoting Your Employee’s Wellbeing through the Nations Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Updates and Findings From Regenexx®

We look forward to showing you how we have helped companies just like yours save millions every month by adding our procedures to your health and workers compensation programs. Let the leader in interventional orthopedic medicine bring out the best amateur athlete, employee, and person in all of us.