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Inconsistencies in orthopedic healthcare contribute to the staggering amount of waste and unnecessary expense in the current care continuum. Variable costs, inconsistent surgeon performance, and surgical complications are some of the most difficult variables to control in one of the most expensive diagnostic categories for employers. Orthopedic events, both chronic or acute, come with medical uncertainties at every stage of treatment planning. These uncertainties encourage an assembly of inefficient and low-value services for the employer and the employee who carry the burden of the expense.

The Regenexx method of national Standardized Care eliminates this healthcare paradox and provides better care at a lower cost to achieve the greatest value. Our science-based business model has standardization that drives the effectiveness of our procedures and value for our partners.

I Regenexx procedures are standardized in 4 key categories of healthcare I

Providers: Regenexx physicians are the top 1% of US physicians. They are musculoskeletal experts with years of precise image-based injection training.

Treatments: Getting consistent, high quality outcomes requires Regenexx to produce consistent high quality orthobiologics. Every Regenexx facility has a cell processing lab on site. That lab has trained staff and a QA process to ensure we produce the right dose for effective treatments. Regenexx actually counts the cells and knows the dose.

Candidacy: Regenexx lets you know how likely you are to benefit form a Regenexx procedure. The Regenexx ACL candidacy tool, for example, helps physicians decide about moving forward with a procedure. Our R&D team is currently developing a proprietary protocol that uses synovial fluid (the fluid in your joint) to predict your procedure outcome based on machine learning analysis.

Results: Our registry helps us track and standardize outcomes for patients. Every Regenexx physician monitors their patients’ outcomes over time in the registry. We also compare results against the whole of Regenexx to ensure quality.


I Interview with Bob McCollins

Title: Chief Marketing and Sales Officer
Company: Pulse Health Solutions
Industry: Healthcare Interventionalist
Size: 15,00 employee lives / 35,000 total lives under management

How much of your total spend is orthopedic surgeries?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) expenses are consistently in the top 5 of the DRG (Diagnostic Related Groups) spend for our clients. Hence we felt that it was necessary to look outside the box and find a solution that could mitigate these ever-rising healthcare expenses. That’s when we learned about Regenexx. After a thorough vetting process, we believed Regenexx offered the ability for our clients to have a non-surgical option which provided superior outcomes while reducing the MSK spend significantly. Truly a win-win partnership!

Of the major diagnostic categories, why is it one of the fastest growing?

We believe that it was a combination of things. At the top of the list was a lack of exercise and obesity. Many of us are not in the best of health, and these items have been documented as major areas leading to MSK joint issues. This is the primary factor that had us looking for a credible alternative to surgery.

What prompted you to seek out interventional orthopedics as a part of your musculoskeletal care continuum?

Our role at Pulse Health Solutions is to serve as risk consultants. We look for innovative solutions to help our clients reduce their healthcare spending curve. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions that can provide a positive impact on the quality and cost of care for our clients. What Regenexx offers is an innovative and proven option that we can make available to our customers to improve their lives and manage the risk and cost of their healthcare spend.

Why did you believe Regenexx would be a good fit for your clients?

The Regenexx track record and their favorable clinical outcomes made it a credible addition to the solutions we are able to offer our clients. Another item we value is we have trust in the Regenexx solution and their people. They are trustworthy, and that makes for a successful partnership.

Can you share your unique experience with Regenexx as a patient or as a corporate partner?

We have performed data analytics studies on our clients that validate their outcomes. We are currently in the process of working with our clients’ carriers/TPAs to assure the programs are implemented so that our clients can take advantage of the Regenexx MSK solutions.

What factors did you consider before adding the Regenexx procedures to your clients?

Pulse has thoroughly vetted the Regenexx platform to make sure that the claims made were based on fact and validated. In addition, we put Regenexx to the test to provide data to determine what was promised they could actually deliver. Our analytical data produced empirical evidence of Regenexx and their capabilities were in fact credible and accurate.

How does your clients plan design support interventional orthopedics within the musculoskeletal care continuum?

Education is the most critical aspect when making the decision to add interventional orthopedics to a benefits program. It’s critical that our clients are aware of how this solution can be an effective alternative to surgery. We encourage our staff to speak with the Regenexx staff if questions arise so that we may properly advise our clients. From a plan design standpoint, if a patient chooses to use the Regenexx platform, we strongly encourage the plan sponsor to implement steerage and incentive components into the plan which encourages them to utilize the program versus surgery. By doing so, it provides a financial benefit to both the employee and employer. Hence, it becomes a win-win for all while providing better outcomes which benefits all stakeholders.

Regenexx procedures are much safer than you average orthopedic surgery. Regenexx has published the largest safety paper in this area and these carry the same risk as simple injection based procedures.

The same treatments that were mostly afforded by professional athletes is now available to your employees. While many professional athletes do not want to disclose an injury for contractual reasons, several have shared their success stories with Regenexx.

Professional Football Player ACL Procedure:


Ferrari Team Driver:


College Soccer Player Comeback:


A Highschool Star Gets His Dream Back:


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