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Regenexx believes good health is the foundation of vibrant employees, thriving companies and a productive work environment. We exist to help employees live more fulfilling, active and healthier lives through interventional orthopedics. Regenexx procedures can replace 70% of orthopedic surgeries with procedures that cost up to 70%* less which results in less absenteeism and presenteeism, less need for risky surgeries and significantly less healthcare expenses.

Regenexx partners with a variety of industries and organizations interested in finding lower cost, higher quality solutions for their health plans. Hear from one of our partner companies in their own words why adding the Regenexx procedures to their benefit plan was a priority.


I Interview with Tim O’Neil

Title: Executive Director, Employee Benefits and Wellness,
Company: Meredith Corporation
Industry: Media and Marketing
Size: 23 Locations / 6,400 Covered Lives

What prompted you to seek out interventional orthopedics as part of your musculoskeletal care continuum?
Meredith began offering Regenexx as a covered benefit on the medical plan because we wanted to provide an alternative to traditional surgery, which can involve a long and painful rehabilitation process and can be expensive.

Why did you believe Regenexx would be a good fit for your company?
Regenexx is a good fit for Meredith because it’s progressive and offers a way for employees and family members to address a variety of joint issues and hopefully prevent the need for surgery. Those who have had a Regenexx procedure report significantly less pain and have been very satisfied with the program.

What industry challenges lead to this decision?
We did not base our decision to offer Regenexx on industry challenges; however, we are always interested in innovative and relevant benefits that may make us more competitive to our talent, and help to control healthcare costs.

What factors did you consider before adding the Regenexx procedures?
It was important to follow the proper medical plan guidelines in adding Regenexx as a covered benefit, which involved working with our benefits broker and legal counsel to make sure it was appropriately incorporated into the plan documents and made available, but not directly endorsed to employees.

The number one question asked when adding Regenexx as a benefit is:
Are the Regenexx procedures safe and effective?

We have a team in a multi-million dollar research facility who are dedicated to the safety and effectiveness of the Regenexx procedures. Regenexx has published the largest safety paper for orthopedic stem cell treatments. Our procedure outcome data is published regularly and available to the public and other healthcare providers.

Corporate partners offering the Regenexx procedures as a choice in care span from self-funded employers and health sharing ministries to health interventionalists and brokers. All are striving to offer better benefits solutions and perpetual healthcare cost savings. See a list of these partnerships below.

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* This data was calculated based on the gross savings realized from substituting percutaneous orthobiologic procedures for invasive, elective orthopedic surgeries within our pilot program in Des Moines, IA. Now that we have more data from more clients, we will update our cost savings on a quarterly basis using a sampling methodology, later this year we will be introducing an actuarial based process.