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The ability to live and work pain-free has a major impact on performance, retention, and productivity. Regenexx replaces many orthopedic surgical procedures with minimally invasive techniques that allow patients to experience greater function and mobility with greatly reduced recovery time.

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Regenexx’s specialty trained physicians use our proprietary regenerative-medicine solutions to intervene in the orthopedic care continuum and replace 70% of orthopedic surgeries at a fraction of the cost. Our self-funded corporate partners save over 80% on orthopedic costs when plan members take advantage of Regenexx. When presented with Regenexx as an alternative to orthopedic surgery, more than 90% of employees choose Regenexx.

The Regenexx global network of musculoskeletal doctors specializes in Interventional Orthopedics, an approach to treating orthopedic injuries without invasive surgery by using the body’s own healing agents to repair and regenerate damaged or degenerated bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. As the leaders in orthobiologics, we have performed more than 70,000 regenerative procedures worldwide and tracking the results of these procedures in our patient outcomes database since 2005. In addition to cost savings, employees miss little or no work and avoid the risks and recovery associated with surgery.

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Health Interventionalists help self-funded employers find innovative solutions to reduce healthcare spend for employers and individuals.  These companies focus on providing employers and individuals with the best and most affordable healthcare options across all specialties. Regenexx is a proud partner with the nation’s top Health Interventionalists.




“Edison Healthcare welcomes Regenexx to the team. Regenexx offers a low cost and safe way to treat certain orthopedic problems.  We expect employers and their employees to see great value in this program.”

Tom Emerick, CEO, Edison Healthcare

I Corporate Partners

Regenexx procedures can be underwritten into any private company or public entity self-funded plan.  Savings is reported quarterly to identify utilization and strategies customized based on company needs. Regenexx already works with dozens of self-funded employers across the country with more adding all the time.


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Regenexx is built upon our commitment to research and innovation. We were the first to use stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries, and we’ve published 44% of all research world-wide in the area. We hold more than eighteen patents on technologies and processes developed to achieve unparalleled results for treating orthopedic injuries with orthobiologics.

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