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Adding Regenexx procedures to your self-funded health plan is the most powerful intervention strategy available to reduce your orthopedic spend. Regenexx has worked with the Validation Institute to provide third-party verification that we can save your plan up to 80% on orthopedic care. We’ve developed a savings calculator that you can use to determine your savings opportunity with Regenexx. This calculator is based on average procedure volume on a plan and average procedure costs. You have the ability to input values like plan population and percentage of orthopedic encounters replaced by Regenexx to see how your company savings are affected. Click below to explore your savings opportunity. 

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The Regenexx Savings Calculator shows the potential hard-dollar reduction to your health plan. Partners see additional soft-dollar benefit related to significantly faster recovery of patients. In many cases, Regenexx patients are back at work the next day, and rehabilitation is dramatically less with a non-invasive procedure.   


“I was back at work within days. My recovery was better than expected and I was able to return to full activity within two weeks and all modifications removed within six weeks – only one physical therapy visit with homework.”  – Executive Assistant 

“I returned to work a day or two after the procedure.  Before [the procedure] my pain level ranged from a 6-9. I can now walk down stairs without pain and sit for longer periods of time without throbbing pain.”  – Senior Manager 

“I only took 1 day off of work to recover!”   – Sales Coordinator 

“It worked perfectly and quickly, with very little pain if any.  I returned to work a day after my procedure was complete.”  – Communications Officer 

Company-wide utilization of the Regenexx Corporate Program is best accomplished through incentive programs and education tools designed to align employees with the best healthcare benefit available under their company plan.  We work with partners to educate plan members about Regenexx as an option in care when encountering an orthopedic episode.  By fully implementing Regenexx’s Best-Practices Utilization Model, partners realize 10 times as much utilization and corresponding savings when compared with partners who do not fully engage in a utilization strategy. Contact us at regenexxcorporate@regenexx.com for an analysis and recommendations.

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