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We are saving companies millions of dollars every month by bringing employees an outcome-based, research focused approach, customized to their specific orthopedic needs.

Why add our procedures to your health and workers compensation plan?

  1. 80+% Reduction in Orthopedic Healthcare Cost
  2. Provide the opportunity for your employee to choose
  3. Less invasive procedure – help the body heal vs. damage tissue to repair tissue
  4. Less pain
  5. Less time away from work and play
  6. Better patient outcomes
  7. Scientifically safe and effective
  8. Avoid the risk of invasive surgeries

Hear from a fellow self-funded employer why they chose to add our Regenexx procedures

Our Regenexx procedures are a patented method of concentrating healthy stem cells and using precisely guided techniques to replenish your damaged area with cells that have the greatest capability to rebuild healthy tissue and muscle fibers. This minimally invasive procedure is performed the same day cells are harvested with shorter recovery time than traditional orthopedic surgery.

Promoting Your Employee’s Wellbeing through the Nation’s Leader in Regenerative Medicine

We look forward to showing you how we have helped companies just like yours save thousands every month by adding our procedures to your health and workers compensation programs. We are here to help you make the complex simple.