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Regenexx Traction Update for TPA

June 16, 2021, at 2 pm Eastern Time

Why Join Us?

Regenexx exceeded all expectations in 2020. Join us to learn about new updates from Regenexx traction that more than doubled our self-funded business in 2020. Thirty brokerage firms now have coverage for Regenexx on their own self-funded health plans. We have a total of 250 corporate clients with groups up to 100,000 adding coverage in 2020. With all of our growth, we managed to maintain a 75 net promoter score on average for the year. This is truly a win-win opportunity for self-funded groups looking to manage musculoskeletal spending. 

We will give you an update on:​

  • Employer Traction
  • Broker Traction
  • TPA Traction
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Clinical Update
  • Utilization Review Program
Join Regenexx Corporate Founder, Jason Hellickson, to get an update and ask us questions. 

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