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Withdrawal Management

Simplify your withdrawal

Patients can become physically dependent on narcotic pain medications in as little as 72 hours, and this dependence creates withdrawal symptoms as you stop taking your medication. As we address and heal the underlying cause of your pain, we also work to manage any withdrawal you may have as you stop taking your narcotic pain medications. Regenexx draws on decades of experience in management of withdrawal from substance dependence from our multidisciplinary team headed by a board-certified Psychiatrist to provide quick and simple reduction or elimination of dependence and allow your medications to work as intended.

Outpatient Services

Our five-to-seven-day outpatient program provides safe and comfortable detoxification. We manage a taper from your prescriptions, provide medical supervision, and offer IV therapy customized to provide vitamin, nutrition, and amino acids your body and brain need to quickly return to normal function.

Inpatient Detoxfication

In some cases, prolonged use of narcotic pain medications or especially high doses require a more rigorous withdrawal management process. For such cases, Regenexx has access to  a state-of-the-art, medically supervised, inpatient detoxification clinic. 24/7 medical staff provide supervision and support as you taper your medication.