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Workers’ Compensation

Are you ready to take control of your workers’ compensation dollars?

Regenexx can help you break the cycle of automatic workers’ compensation payments with on-the-job injuries. We provide comprehensive evaluations and pain-recovery services directed toward identifying, addressing, and solving the underlying causes of pain. Our expert staff is skilled in providing objective evaluations and diagnoses of injuries and impairments. We make use of state-of-the-art treatments to eliminate down time, lower impairment ratings, and get patients back to work and to everyday life.

Independent Medical Exam (IME)

Regenexx specializes in providing independent medical examinations (IME) and impairment ratings for employers and health plans. These objective, expert evaluations provide the information needed to understand and to address the extent and impact of an injury.

Ultrasound Evaluations

Our staff is trained in the use of ultrasound diagnostics that cost less than half the cost of an MRI while allowing for a full functional analysis of the injury across a full range of motion and under strain. These advanced diagnostic techniques allow us to gain a precise understanding of the full extent of the injury not available with traditional MRI diagnosis.

Interventional Orthopedics

Interventional Orthopedics is a new and groundbreaking specialty focusing on minimally invasive, non-surgical approaches that maximize the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Once we’ve identified the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain, we offer cutting-edge regenerative procedures that eliminate the need for most musculoskeletal surgeries.

Regenerative Therapies

Harbor View makes use of innovative and cutting-edge injection therapies to stimulate the body’s natural recovery mechanism to heal and restore injured tissues. Our procedures have been in use for more than twenty years and have a wealth of data to support their efficacy. These outpatient, treatments are minimally invasive and performed in one day to drastically reduce recovery time, eliminate impairment, and allow for continued work during recovery.

Withdrawal Management

Patients can become physically dependent on narcotic pain medications in as little as 72 hours, and this dependence can create a range of side effects including hyperalgesia, an increase in the perception of pain. Harbor View draws on decades of experience in management of withdrawal from substance dependence to provide quick and simple reduction or elimination of dependence and allow your medications to work as intended.