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An Innovative, Cost-Effective Solution for your Business in 2022

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The end of 2021 is near. This time is of year is crucial for you in preparing the launch of new product and solution offerings for your employees in the beginning of the year. It’s also important to begin researching solutions for 2022.

Get your jump start to ensure you create a comprehensive, consistent, and cost-effective benefits package to attract prospective talent and retain your current employee base.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar with Jason Hellickson, founder of Regenexx Corporate to learn more about the Regenexx benefit and the ease of adding it to your self-funded health plan.

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    Jason Hellickson | Regenexx Corporate Founder

    Jason Hellickson is the founder of Regenexx Corporate. He is the architect of the Regenexx Corporate Program—which helps corporations save money on healthcare costs. He has 30 years of experience in working at the intersection of healthcare and large employers to develop multiple patented practices for streamlining insurance operations and management.

    Regenexx Webinar

    Learning Objectives

    • Gain introductory knowledge on the Regenexx program.
    • How to introduce the program into your self-funded health plan.
    • The ease of implementing the benefit.
    • Receive answers to your most pressing questions.