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Technology focused companies form a working alliance to offer regenerative medicine to self-insured employers  

Milwaukee-based health tech company Access HealthNet (AHN) and Interventional Orthopedic medical specialty company, Regenexx, announce a partnership aimed at increasing availability to minimally invasive and non-surgical orthobiologic therapies while reducing the high cost of orthopedic healthcare.

AHN is a leader in direct contracting with their cloud-based bundling platform, offering more than 370,000 episodes of care throughout the country at over 17,000 facility locations to self-insured employers, unions and Medi-Share programs.  

Regenexx is a national best-practices provider network that specializes in minimally invasive Interventional Orthopedics, a medical speciality that uses precise image-guided injections of orthobiologics capable of healing tissue. Regenexx cell-based procedures effectively intervene on 70% of orthopedic injuries and conditions where surgery was previously the only solution. This approach is a significant savings on orthopedic costs, all while providing best-in-class outcomes. The Regenexx process of treating musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, acute injuries and degeneration, involves patented protocols to customize cell-based treatments performed by board certified physicians which can only be achieved through the Regenexx standard of practice.

“AHN is proud to be partnering with Regenexx in delivering cutting edge options to our clients,” said CO-founder and CEO Eric Haberichter. “Non-surgical options are becoming increasingly popular and working directly with Regenexx gives employers and other self-funded groups new options for the treatment of chronic pain and degenerative disease.”

Musculoskeletal conditions continue to be a leading driver of employer healthcare spending growth. Employers who have partnered with Regenexx not only report a significant drop in the need for high risk orthopedic surgeries, they also report less absenteeism and an enhanced benefits package. Employers who underwrite Regenexx have reduced their orthopedic health care costs by over 80 percent. When combined, these two factors create a win-win scenario for companies in offering competitive yet cost-effective employee benefits packages.

“Overuse and misuse of orthopedic surgery is prevalent in our healthcare system today. Our patented regenerative approach to treating common orthopedic conditions is truly an innovation by changing the trajectory of an orthopedic patient who can avoid a surgical encounter with less risk and less downtime,” said Jason Hellickson, CEO of Regenexx. Regenexx clinics are the only regenerative medicine solution with the capability to serve a nationwide footprint with the same standard of care from coast to coast with 65 licensed locations, an additional 25 partner locations in 2018, and planned expansion to 120 clinic locations by the end of 2019.

“Regenexx is a national partner with a strong evidentiary based track record, and exactly the kind of emerging technologies partner we want to work with to enhance our traditional surgical and preventative services offering,” added Haberichter.

About Access HealthNet

Access HealthNet (AHN) increases access and affordability in healthcare through an e-commerce healthcare marketplace called The Super Option that connects value-based providers offering flat-rates and bundles to self-funded employers. AHN’s proprietary platform has several iterations to serve healthcare’s vast stakeholders, including a direct-to-consumer offering called The Super Option Direct, and a workers’ compensation solution called WC Bundled Payments. To learn more, visit accesshealthnet.com.