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Regenexx Corporate Program

Why Every Self-Insured Company in America Should Add Regenexx Procedures

Regenexx’s regenerative orthopedic procedures created a new medical specialty platform called Interventional Orthopedics. This orthopedic healthcare innovation is less costly on individual procedures, less invasive, and less risky than traditional orthopedic surgery.

Benefits to Employer and Employee

Providing your employees a choice in orthopedic care is a WIN/WIN for both employer and employee at no additional cost to implement.


  • Up to 70% Reduction in Orthopedic Cost On Individual Procedures
  • Less Time Away from Work
  • Offer Employees the Ability to Avoid Surgery
  • Less Physical Therapy
  • Less Need for Pain Medication
  • Reduced Recovery Time


  • Less Risk Than Surgery
  • Faster Recovery
  • Less Pain Than Surgery
  • The Trusted Alternative To Orthopedic Surgery

Self-funded health plans can elect to have the Regenexx procedures covered, while Insurance carriers for fully funded plans consider our procedures investigational. Here’s Why…

Insurance companies have lost billions due to adding orthopedic procedures that have been proven to be ineffective in clinical trials 53% of the time – see chart below.

http://realsurgery-meniscustear.com/meniscus-surgery/, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4703913/ (60% of surgeries are outpatient, which is what is being discussed here.), http://www.beckersasc.com/orthopedic-spine-driven-ascs/number-of-orthopedic-surgeries-to-reach-66m-by-2020.html (5.5 M total ortho surgeries annually), http://www.boneandjointburden.org/2014-report/iie1/spinal-fusion, https://www.hiqa.ie/system/files/Draft-Shoulder-Arthroscopy.pdf, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24974958 (34.3% of TKA surgeries unnecessary), http://www.uptodate.com/contents/total-knee-replacement-arthroplasty-beyond-the-basics (700,000 knee replacements per year in US), http://www.hcup-us.ahrq.gov/reports/statbriefs/sb188-Surgeries-Hospital-Outpatient-Facilities-2012.pdf, http://www.physiciansweekly.com/the-changing-tide-of-knee-arthroscopy-in-the-u-s/, http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/31/10/2242.full.pdf+html http://www.anationinmotion.org/value/knee/
As background, there are 29,613 orthopedic surgeons in the United States performing 360 procedures per year, which totals 10,660,680 procedures per year. The total dollars spent on orthopedic surgeries is approximately $980.1B which in total aggregate direct cost is 5.2% of the GDP*.

Understanding how insurance companies got in this position and efforts to resolve are important to every company paying for employee health coverage.

  • Insurance companies in the past have added procedures to their fully insured plans for two main reasons:

    1. Procedure is the prevailing medical treatment for condition, regardless of effectiveness.
    2. Randomized control trials (RCT’s) that prove efficacy (effectiveness).

    Until our recent Regenexx procedure and protocol discoveries, orthopedic procedures were the only method regardless of outcome to treat the vast majority of orthopedic conditions and injuries.

    Regenexx has almost 100 physicians that have performed roughly 90,000 procedures since 2005. Regardless of our successful outcomes, this number does not currently constitute a prevailing method when compared to orthopedic surgical interventions.

  • Since covering the prevailing methods, Insurance carriers have learned that well over half of these covered orthopedic surgeries are proven ineffective in RCT’s – see the chart above. As insurance carriers are actuarial based enterprises, they rely on the past data much more than understanding what is happening now. See our recently completed RCT’s that validate the effectiveness of our procedures on two orthopedic conditions – ACL Tears and Knee Osteoarthritis.

    Unsuccessful orthopedic surgeries are costing insurance companies billions of dollars. Insurance companies are now overly cautious to add new procedures to health plans regardless of successful outcomes. This adversity will delay orthobiologic procedures being available for fully funded health plans for years. This creates an opportunity for self-funded employers to make their health plans more competitive.

Self-funded employers can add these procedures to their health plan.

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Why add Regenexx Procedures vs. other orthopedic treatments:

  • Most Researched – In fact, 44% of the world’s research in this field has been done by Regenexx (as of June 19, 2018, calculated by the number of patients treated).
  • Outcomes Based and Monitored continually through our registry – see outcomes here.
  • Trained Physicians through our hands-on on-site training protocols. Regenexx Physicains receive continual training through the Interventional Orthopedic Foundation (IOF). See our IOF courses here.
  • Research and Development laboratory and team to continually improve our procedures and treatment protocos. See our team credentials here and our Research and Development laboratory here.
  • Nationwide Clinical System to deliver standardized treatment protocols to your employees – see our locations here. Without a nationwide clinical system delivering standardized care, multi-state employers are subject to plan design discrimination complaints.
  • Regenexx Flexible Lab Platform on-site at clinics to deliver the correct dosage to your employees based on their specific orthopedic condition. See explanation of our flexible lab platform here.
  • Orthopedic Only Focus keeping your plan protected from other treatments that are considered experimental, like treating blindness, alzheimer’s, and organ remodeling.

Our corporate program was first piloted in Des Moines, Iowa in 2015. Des Moines, Iowa is considered the insurance capital of the world. We have proven the model works with many Fortune 500 Companies.


Estimated orthopedic surgery and patient cost $8,150,226 2
 Regenexx® alternative and patient cost $1,414,160
Savings: $6,736,066 or up to 70%*
Average patient improvement at 6 months is 80%
1 based on 278 procedures from 30 corporate clients performed in 2015-2018
2 estimate based on typical procedure and physical costs
This is not new for self-funded employers. They have lead insurance companies by amending their plan document to provide coverage for the following procedures and treatments in the past:

  • Interventional Cardiology – leading to reduction in heart disease deaths by 40%
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Targeted Cancer Treatments – example Herceptin
  • HIV Therapies – highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)
  • Organ transplants
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Among many others

Regenexx has the ability to intervene on over 70% of all orthopedic surgeries. Our patients have an 80% improvement rate at 6 months post procedure, better post procedure function and increased mobility without a surgical encounter.