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Shopping around for healthcare plans and value-added benefits to create a competitive, and comprehensive benefits package for employees comes with no shortage of choices.

The same abundance of choices applies to the employee. After all, it’s a job-seekers market. Companies are looking to fill roles by enticing this population with new and innovative benefits, hiring incentives, bonuses, and more.

Offering an innovative benefit such as Regenexx® can be a leg-up on the competition. Here’s why: Studies show musculoskeletal conditions plague nearly half of all Americans. These conditions account for up to 20 percent of health care spending(1) in the United States.

In general, healthcare is one of the biggest drivers of spending in our country, in a large part due to lack of consumer education. The average consumer has been pigeonholed into thinking surgery is the only option for fixing an orthopedic issue or managing chronic pain.

“My co-workers shared their success with Regenexx, which sparked me getting the procedure for my shoulder. It was easy to schedule, I was back to work immediately, and the pain and mobility in my shoulder have improved-which has made my day-to-day activity at work and home better.”
Ken S., supervisor at Fiore and Sons.

Orthopedic Surgery-Failure Rates Make Healthcare Choices Valuable

There is a distinct lack of evidence of efficacy among common orthopedic surgeries according to the British Medical JournalNine of the top 10 most common surgeries had little evidence to support that a surgical procedure was more effective than conservative care or a placebo.

Q: What is surgical failure?

A:Surgical failure is considered a preventable mistake during surgery. It occurs when a patient goes in for a routine orthopedic procedure and leaves with nerve damage or a serious infection-on top of the problem that brought them into the operating room.

A Closer Look at Cost

There are 29,613 orthopedic surgeons in the United States performing more than 750,000 meniscectomy surgeries per year despite weak evidence and Random Control Trials (RTCs) demonstrating outcomes inferior to physical therapy. The total dollars annually spent on orthopedic surgeries is approximately $980.1 billion.

Employers and Employees can Avoid Surgical-Failure Rates with Regenexx

A breakdown of how employers and employees can avoid the costly implications of orthopedic surgical-failure with Regenexx:



Up to 70 percent reduction in orthopedic costs

Less risk than surgery

Activity as tolerated recovery

Faster recovery

Offer employees the ability to avoid surgery

Less painful than surgery

Less reliance on pain medication, keeping pharmacy costs in check

The trusted alternative to orthopedic surgery

A recent study by the American Medical Association concluded that a surgical patient’s bill can more than triple when there are complications – going from $17,000 to $56,000.

Offering choices such as Regenexx for employees can be vital in avoiding these costly risks. In approximately 70 percent of cases of elective orthopedic surgeries, Regenexx can intervene.

Choice and consumer education combine to guide informed, cost-effective decisions that best suit individual health needs.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

1 Bureau of Economic Analysis