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The decision to have orthopedic surgery should be heavily considered as it is impossible to cut into the body and not damage tissue. The only question is whether the possible benefits outweigh the harm.

If you have a less invasive procedure that is a lower risk with equal or better outcome, the decision is simple to have the non-surgical procedure! The benefits fall in a company’s favor as well by reducing orthopedic healthcare costs.

Take shoulder surgery, for example, traditional surgery costs range from $35,000 and $55,000, depending on the nature of the damage. The cost for our Regenexx shoulder procedures ranges from $2,125―$8,850, depending on the pathology.

This cost discrepancy is present in every joint category we treat including the spine, knees, hip, elbow, foot and ankle, hand and wrist.

That’s a huge risk knowing that 53% (see below) of orthopedic surgeries have proven to be unnecessary or ineffective based on randomized control trials. Our procedures have equal and better outcomes six months post-procedure compared to surgical alternatives. Outcomes Data

What Percentage is “Useless Orthopedic Surgery” Based on Research?

Here’s a look at what a Regenexx procedure looks like in the shoulder.

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We’re moving employees from highly invasive surgeries to non-invasive needle-based procedures performed with precise guidance. Companies that have partnered with us have saved thousands of dollars each month by giving employees the choice to pursue a customized non-surgical procedure with the leader in regenerative orthopedic medicine.

I look forward to showing you how we have helped companies just like yours add our procedures to your health and worker’s compensation programs at no cost.