In the past, insurance companies added orthopedic surgeries to their fully insured plans not because they are the most effective method to heal the cause of pain but because the surgery was the prevailing medical treatment for the condition or symptom regardless of effectiveness. Insurance carriers now know that well over half of these covered orthopedic surgeries are proven ineffective in Randomized Control Trials (see statistics that nearly 60% of orthopedic surgeries are ineffective).

Regenexx procedures can successfully intervene on 70% of the orthopedic surgeries your employees are having under your current coverage with equal to or better outcomes.

The role of medicine is to make the lives of Americans better, safer, and more prosperous. As business owners, it is our responsibility to do the very best we can in the interest of our employees. Now that we know better, we must do better. 

As of January 15… We have reduced our corporate partners’ orthopedic costs by 84% at an overall savings of over $6.1 MILLION dollars with an average patient improvement at 6 months of 80%.

Watch this video to see how Frank progressed through his Regenexx procedure to complete the Boston Marathon in less than 6 months after his knee procedure. 

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