One of the largest elective procedure spends in any company health plan is orthopedic surgery. On average, 20-40% of an employer’s overall health care costs are associated with orthopedic care.

That’s an overwhelming expense considering over 58% of orthopedic surgeries have been shown to be ineffective (1) and only 20% of surgeries are supported by at least one randomized controlled trial showing it is superior to a non-operative alternative (2).

The alternative to these costly and ineffective surgeries is the non-invasive, precisely guided, needle-based Regenexx procedures.

(2) Blog Post – British Medical Journal: “Scandalously Poor” Evidence for Orthopedic Surgery

As of May 31…We have reduced our corporate partners’ orthopedic costs by 83% at an overall savings of over $4.1 MILLION dollars with an average patient improvement at 6 months of 80%.

With stem cell clinics popping up everywhere and orthopedists jumping on the stem cell bandwagon, this video explains why Regenexx Stem Cell Procedures produce superior results for orthopedic patients.

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Adding the Regenexx procedures to your health and worker’s compensation programs is at no cost to you. I look forward to showing you how our corporate program helps companies just like yours save money while contributing to employee wellbeing and orthopedic health.