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Great companies do not solely exist as an entity to make money. Great companies believe that their higher purpose, as well as their influence, shape the lives of their employees, their company partners, and their consumers. Financial gain is not made at the expense of their employees, but made in the interest of them. Successful companies have a valid monetary return on investment, but the manner at which they do so and the choices of how to do so involve investing in the future and the development of healthy prosperous people. This existential prosperity includes employee health and preventative care.

Many times proactive health efforts happen as an investment in the employee at the company’s expense. The gain is made when the employee stays over the long period of time and is a gamble for the good will efforts of your company. Our philosophy is rooted in finding the best possible solutions for the greatest human gain.

Regenexx fulfills both spectrums of a company’s highest purpose by providing a service that balances employee wellbeing with financial returns. There is no cost to add Regenexx procedures and your gain happens the moment an employee decides to avoid surgery with a long recovery time.

In 2015, we realized a future in which every self-funded company has the ability to offer employees a successful non-surgical solution for orthopedic repair. The genesis of the Regenexx Corporate Plan is knowing that 99.8% of patients choose a nonsurgical option over a surgical option when given a choice.

Regenexx has built a nationwide network of highly specialized Regenexx physicians at clinics with on-site laboratories to provide the most advanced needle based, precisely guided orthopedic procedures with better outcomes than invasive surgery. Your employees will receive the very same procedure protocols from coast to coast. This is value-based care available for all employees nationwide.

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We want your company to be a great company that thinks different. Your company can be a vehicle for providing meaningful livelihoods for your employee’s greater advancement by partnering with Regenexx.