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You have the ability to offer your employees a CHOICE in their orthopedic treatment plans that have significantly less risk and less downtime than surgery.  The addition of our patented Regenexx procedures to your health or workers’ compensation plan provides you and your employees access to the most advanced non-surgical orthopedic care available in the United States.  The steps to add our procedures to your health and workers’ compensation programs are our expertise and at no cost to you.  We work with all major health insurers and most workers compensation insurers. Corporate Partners See the Savings

Our current Case Study shows the economic and physical impact we are making our corporate clients. Patient Success is Indisputable

Patients are the true testimonial to the value of our procedures. We are impacting patient lives, restoring their functionality and eliminating chronic pain without invasive surgery. In fact, ninety-eight percent of our patients avoid the need for orthopedic surgery. Marc canceled his knee surgery and instead had a Regenexx procedure at Harbor View Medical – now Regenexx Des Moines.  Mark is now walking pain-free and feels like a new man. Promoting Your Employee’s Wellbeing through the Nations Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Listen to Richard, his only regret is he didn’t have his Regenexx Procedure done earlier:

Updates and Findings From Regenexx®

I look forward to showing you how our expertise helps companies just like yours save money while contributing to employee wellbeing and orthopedic health.  Adding our procedures to your health and worker’s compensation programs is at no cost to you.