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The Essential Benefit for Your Essential Workers

These final days of 2021 signify a new year with a fresh start ahead—but they also mean that you’re just beginning or wrapping up your 2022 open-enrollment period. Whether you worked with a broker, surveyed employees, or studied internal data, you developed a benefits package tailored to the needs of your employees.

The first quarter of 2022 is a perfect time to enhance those benefit offerings. At Regenexx, not only do we add groups outside of open-enrollment periods—we encourage it. Many employers find that adding a benefit outside of the typical annual cycle gives employees a fresh opportunity to review what’s available to them through their company plan. Adding Regenexx as a benefit showcases your company’s commitment to providing employees with healthcare options. Regenexx can also save you and your employees money.

Self-funded plans are ideal for direct contract benefits that can be implemented at any time during the calendar year. Musculoskeletal conditions that are the result of orthopedic injuries provide a good example. Let’s say an employee tears a rotator cuff in January. When the Regenexx benefit is available, that employee doesn’t need to wait until the next open-enrollment period to consider treatment alternatives.

A No Cost Benefit You Can Add—Even Outside of Open Enrollment

Even if you’ve already developed your benefit and healthcare plan for the 2022 year, adding the Regenexx benefit for your employees still is an option. Regenexx makes it easy to incorporate its benefit into your self-funded plan. Because there are no upfront costs, you start saving as soon as your company offers the Regenexx benefit to its employees.

Our onboarding process is simple. We initiate the conversation with your third-party administrator to amend your company’s existing health plan. Then our team works with you to fully educate your employees about the Regenexx benefit through mailings, educational email campaigns, and targeted outreach efforts.

The Regenexx Corporate Overview

Curious how all the puzzle pieces fit together?

Check the Regenexx Corporate Overview video to better understand how companies like Meredith Corporation have reduced their orthopedic healthcare costs.

Cost savings is a win-win for both you and your employees.