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Oswald Labs is excited to announce a unique partnership with Regenexx to offer access to non-surgical orthopedic alternatives to Oswald Lab’s self-funded employer groups

CLEVELAND – March 1, 2020 – Oswald Labs, a cooperative effort of Oswald Companies and Spark360 designed to bring purposeful, positive disruption to the insurance sector through innovation, collaboration and experimentation, has partnered with Regenexx, a network of leading interventional orthopedics clinics. The partnership allows Oswald Companies to offer its clients Regenexx procedures, which effectively intervene on 70 percent of elective orthopedic injuries and conditions where surgery was previously the only solution*.

We are proud to present our clients and self-funded employers with a new technology transforming orthopedic care and driving down costs,” said Bill Fisher, SVP, Practice Leader, Group Benefits at Oswald Companies.

Regenexx procedures involve precise injections of custom orthobiologics to treat approximately 40 orthopedic conditions. This interventional approach enables employers to save up to 70 percent of orthopedic costs depending on the procedure, while reducing absenteeism and increasing employee satisfaction, all while reducing the number of unnecessary orthopedic surgeries performed annually.

Regenexx is looking forward to expanding our mission of producing the best possible patient outcomes for Oswald Companies and their clients through our innovative alternative to orthopedic surgery,” said Regenexx CEO Jason Hellickson. “Overuse and misuse of orthopedic surgery is prevalent in our health care system today. Our patented protocol to treating common orthopedic conditions is transforming the care pathway of an orthopedic patient who can now avoid a surgical encounter with less risk and less downtime.”

Watch a short video about Regenexx here.

*This applies only to elective orthopedic surgery without fracture-related care and acute care trauma.

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About Regenexx

Regenexx is a nationwide network of physicians who practice Interventional Orthopedics, a new specialty that focuses on using the most advanced regenerative protocols available as an alternative to many orthopedic surgeries. Regenexx has published roughly half of the research worldwide on the use of orthobiologics for treating orthopedic injuries, and our patented treatment lab-processing and treatment protocols allow us to achieve unmatched results. Our procedures use your body’s natural healing agents including blood platelets and bone marrow concentrate to repair damaged bone, muscle, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. We believe in educating patients, offering options and encouraging people to take an active role in their own treatment. For more information on Regenexx Corporate, visit www.regenexxcorporate.com or call 888-547-6667. For more information on the Regenexx procedures, visit www.regenexx.com.