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At Regenexx, we strive both for results and cost savings for our selffunded employers. We continue to see traction among employers, brokers, and third-party administrators who have chosen to partner with us. Regenexx is an easily added benefit to include in any self-funded healthcare plan. Currently we have:

  • More than 50 third-party administrators ranging from large, national
  • carriers to regional players.
  • 50 different stop-loss carriers that have agreed to mirror the
  • Regenexx amendment.
  • 350 self-funded accounts that have added Regenexx.
  • A 56 percent improvement rate for treated corporate patients six
  • months post-procedure.
  • A net promoter score of 54 (industry average for healthcare is 27).

Meritain Health Adds Regenexx as a Chosen Solution

Meritain Health’s goal is to make self-funded employee benefits plans easy to understand and use while helping employers save on total healthcare costs. Meritain Health seeks to provide benefit plans that meet the needs of each unique employee population. Their Health Imagination and Transformation Program offers accurate information about new and exciting developments in the healthcare industry.

Regenexx has been identified by Meritain Health as the provider of an innovative healthcare alternative, and the company has placed us on their list of current vendors offering effective cost solutions for clients.

Marpai Adds Regenexx to their Population Health Management Solution

Marpai is the SMART health plan company using deep learning and the most advanced artificial intelligence to empower people to live stronger lives and to spend less on healthcare. Marpai enables employers to deliver cost-effective benefits while supporting the healthcare needs of their employees.


Vice President of Human Resources at Edward C. Levy Co., Linda Wyatt, shares why Regenexx was a great benefit to add for their employees healthcare needs—especially with musculoskeletal disorders on the rise.


Watch Linda Wyatt’s testimonial explaining the ease of adding Regenexx to your health plan as a self-funded group.

About Edward C. Levy Co.

The Levy Group of Companies transforms products into lightweight aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, agricultural products, and more. We provide services that include construction materials, road building, flame cutting and treatment, steel mill services, logistics, and laboratory testing.


Failure Rates for Orthopedic Surgeries Make Healthcare Choice a Valuable Option

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal reported a distinct lack of efficacy when it comes to orthopedic surgery. Nine of the top 10 most common orthopedic surgeries showed little evidence to support that a surgical procedure was better than conservative care or than a placebo.

Want more information? Check out the most recent post by Chris Centeno, M.D., founder of Regenexx, in which he reviews the British Medical Journal’s findings.


At Regenexx, we continue to expand our network of skilled, specially trained physicians. In the third quarter of this year, we’ve added the four new affiliates listed below to our network. View our comprehensive list of more than 60 clinic locations.

New Affiliates Added to the Regenexx Network:

  • Dr. Corey Anden of the Human + Nature Medical and Wellness Clinic, has four board certifications and specializes in sports medicine and nonsurgical orthopedics. She has been treating patients in the Odgen, Utah, area for the past 32 years.
  • Dr. Timothy Jones of the Regenerative Mind Body Clinic in San Louis Obispo, California, is double board-certified in emergency and family medicine. For the past five years, he has specialized in regenerative medicine.
  • Dr. Russell Bergum of Rochester, Minnesota, is double board-certified in family and sports medicine. He currently works at the Mayo Clinic and has aspirations of opening his own practice focusing on regenerative medicine.
  • Dr. Ellen Lin of the Advanced Spine and Pain Center in San Antonio, Texas, is board-certified in rehabilitation with a sub-specialty in the use of pain medicine.


“I appreciate my employer giving me this option.”

“The option to receive a Regenexx procedure was possible because my employer offered it in our benefits package. My consultation with Regenexx helped me make an informed decision.”

“Surgery wasn’t an option, so I tried Regenexx. As a result, my condition greatly improved as well as my quality of life.”

“Within 48 hours of the procedure, I was feeling little to no pain.”

“I never could have afforded this without having coverage. I was only out of work for two days instead of much longer with a knee replacement.”

“My consultation with Regenexx helped me make an informed decision. Since having the procedure, my quality of life has improved 100 percent—whether I’m at work or doing things around the house.”

“I was back to work immediately, and the pain and mobility in my shoulder have improved—which has made my day-to-day activity at work and home better.”

“I tried cortisone twice, but all it did was hide pain. With Regenexx my pain went away —and it didn’t come back.”

Free, on-demand webinar: An overview of the Regenexx Corporate Program

Attend our free, on-demand webinar to see an overview of the Regenexx Corporate Program, Interventional Orthopedics using Orthobiologics, and our cost-saving program.

Here’s what you can expect to take away from our webinar:

  • What Regenexx is and what problem this benefit solves.
  • History and current traction, with a fully industry overview.
  • Current orthopedic care continuum.
  • How the procedure works.
  • Fiduciary considerations.
  • The ability to make an informed decision in adding Regenexx.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)


In the third quarter, Regenexx received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 54.1. The national average score for healthcare is 27, roughly half as high as the Regenexx score. Net Promoter Scores provide a metric of patient satisfaction based on the question: On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to recommend a Regenexx procedure to a friend or family member?

About Regenexx

Regenexx uses your body’s natural healing ability to non-surgically repair damage to bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Our proprietary, researchdriven techniques allow us to concentrate your cells and place them into the precise area of your injury to promote healing.

Since 2005, Regenexx has conducted research, accumulated data on patient results, and obtained direct feedback from our patients with one purpose in mind—to help patients make informed, confident decisions about how to treat their conditions. Check out our results page to see how we continue to help thousands get back to doing what they love.