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Employees Benefit from Regenexx National Education Care Coordinators

The current orthopedic care pathway has a wide variation in the management of orthopedic conditions which means large variation in outcomes for patients. Without a reliable standard of care to ensure patients are being diagnosed and treated consistently, the current continuum of care is unable to manage or properly treat the current spectrum of needs. The correct diagnosis of an orthopedic condition, for example, is largely based on the capability of the provider.

A standardized model of diagnosis and subsequent care is the best way to establish consistency in proper treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

The Regenexx Standard of Care Model starts with our National Education Care Coordinators. Our Education Care Coordinators are the first point of contact for employees to learn more about the Regenexx procedures and begin the assessment for candidacy. Each employee that calls Regenexx has a designated Care Coordinator that is fully versed on their employer’s specific employee benefit plan design and can answer questions as an extension of a company’s benefits plan. They also ensure patients are connected with the right Physician expert for their condition.

This is just one way we provide consistency of care from the very first call all the way through the treatment protocols and procedures your employees will experience.

One centralized call center means every employee receives the same initial education and assessment to get them to the right Regenexx clinic specializing in treating their specific condition.

Employees Like Having A Dedicated Care Coordinator

“Having a dedicated coordinator helped a lot as I understand what portion of the procedure would be my cost and what portion insurance would cover so that it was not a big surprise in the end.” -Rachel M.

“My coordinator sent me videos, walked me through what to expect even before I knew if I was an candidate.” – Carl G.

“My care coordinator was very helpful in answering my questions and increased my understanding of the Regenexx procedures” -Cynthia G.

Regenexx Standard of Care: 6 Pillars of Excellence





What is your role with Regenexx Corporate? My team educates employees about the Regenexx procedures and the treatment process. This is transformative care, so helping each caller understand the detail and the process of a procedure is important. We also inform them about the benefit structure their particular employer has put in place for a Regenexx consultation and procedure.

What are the most common questions employees have when they call in and how do you answer these? The people we speak with are currently experiencing musculoskeletal pain, so they are always excited to hear there is a non-surgical option under their benefits plan. Employees want to know what a Regenexx consultation and procedure will cost them out-of-pocket, so understanding the benefit structure for our clients is an important part of educating the employee on our calls. Although we do not diagnose, our assessment with each employee confirms if a consultation would be beneficial for them to consider.

What is the length of time you work with an employee? An average call is usually 20 minutes but we have as many calls as the employee needs to feel comfortable and answer all of their questions. Our goal is to bridge the process of connecting an employee to the Center of Excellence best suited to handle their needs and easily schedule a consultation and next steps. We enjoy staying in contact with the employee through their procedure. With that in mind, we will take as many calls as we need to in order for the employee to feel comfortable to move forward and that all of their questions have been answered.

In your opinion, what is the greatest value of a centralized call center for employers? A centralized call center for all your employees minimizes the burden to the employee and assures information is being shared in a consistent manner. Each employee has a designated Regenexx care coordinator so all communication happens between two people. Our communication is not limited to phone as we also e-mail relevant detail, procedure information, videos and other materials as we work with your employees, so having the ability to dialog with them is an important part of our process. We truly love the work we do and the way we are able to impact so many lives for the better.



Before an initial introduction to our corporate program, many employers think Regenexx performs the same kind of treatments as other stem cell and PRP clinics. At Regenexx, we go far beyond just counting platelets and blind injections. In fact, Regenexx is in a class of its own when it comes to the science and proper deliverability of treatments. Partners that have added the Regenexx Corporate Program consider us a Center of Excellence (COE) for orthopedic medical specialty care. This refers to healthcare institutions that have a concentration of expertise and resources relating to a specific care discipline such as Interventional Orthopedics. The enhanced quality of care from a COE facilitates better patient outcomes, which in turn boosts efficiency for the provider as a whole and further reduces costs for patients and for payers.


For an initial introduction to the benefits of adding the Regenexx Corporate Program to your self-funded health plan at any time of year, call us at 877-341-5968.


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