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Help Your Employees Avoid Unnecessary Orthopedic Surgery

It’s inevitable. At the end of the year, some of your employees likely took the opportunity to use up balances in their healthcare savings account to ensure that they didn’t leave money on the table. They might have grabbed a new pair of frames or lenses, or perhaps they scheduled a surgery that they had been putting off.

Let’s say an employee of yours set up an orthopedic procedure for the end of 2021, and it ended up being unsuccessful. What is that employee’s next step? How can he or she eliminate chronic pain while avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses? Your employee doesn’t carry this burden alone. Lost productivity and increased healthcare expenses mean that your company shares the burden.

Here are some common additional orthopedic surgery costs:

  • pre-surgical therapies
  • medications before and after surgery
  • surgical complications
  • lengthy recovery times
  • revision surgery

New research continues to prove the ineffectiveness of several elective orthopedic surgeries. Regenexx has created a pathway in orthopedic care that intervenes to allow your employees to avoid going straight to the surgical option. Through a patient consultation, we can assess an employee’s condition to determine whether surgery or a regenerative procedure such as those performed by Regenexx is more appropriate. Before any procedure takes place, our team of trained physicians provide your employee with detailed information about what to expect, the healing process, and more.