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Research Based Procedures are Key to Patient Success Rate

Every successful business uses past analytics to gain insight and drive performance perfection. Without data and statistical methods, business intelligence is limited in scope, practice, and expertise. The success of Regenexx is rooted in having the largest volume of orthopedic stem cell research and putting the data into actionable results for patient success. This research establishes our protocols for the procedure solutions our patients need!

Over 95% of Regenexx patients are avoiding a surgical procedure as a result of our unmatched ability to use past data and research to further better patient outcomes. 

The published research on Regenexx procedures accounts for over 50% of the world’s orthopedic stem cell literature. Our procedures have been studied extensively for more than a decade and our patients are part of the world’s largest human mesenchymal stem cell procedure database for orthopedic purposes.

With this much research and knowledge driving our informed actions, we have the knowledge, the expertise, the outcomes and the network of clinics to successfully help people live better, healthier lives. 

Regenexx Stem Cell Safety Paper is the Largest in the World 

In 2016, Regenexx published the world’s largest (2,372 patients) stem cell safety paper in any medical indication (not just orthopedics). This is the most in-depth analysis of safety available. It is the longest follow-up period for a large group of patients where all complaints are reported. The data was collected at multiple treatment sites, and all complications that were considered significant were reviewed by a panel of five physicians and scientists who were not in any way affiliated with Regenexx (independent adjudication of SAEs).


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Updates and Findings From Regenexx®

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