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DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 20, 2018/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Tempus Innovations, creator of next generation cost containment solutions for the Property and Casualty (P&C) industry, has partnered with Regenexx to reduce high-cost musculoskeletal surgeries to benefit patients, providers and payers. Tempus ION is the trademark network that provides access to the Regenexx interventional approach to healing musculoskeletal conditions without surgery.

Regenexx is a national best practices clinic network that specializes in minimally invasive interventional orthopedics, a new medical specialty that uses precise image-guided injection of orthobiologics capable of healing tissue. Regenexx cell-based procedures effectively intervene on 70% of all orthopedic injuries and conditions where surgery was previously the only solution. This approach enables employers and payers to save up to 80% on orthopedic costs, all while providing best-in-class outcomes. This process offers self-funded corporations the only real-time savings approach for reducing their healthcare expense trajectory for one of the top healthcare spend categories.

“Tempus is proud to partner with Regenexx to provide injured workers with an alternative to orthopedic surgery,” said Greg Gaughan, CEO/Co-founder of Tempus Innovations. “Tempus ION provides payers and injured workers with access to non-surgical treatments that reduce spend, are less invasive with less risk, and provide faster recovery and return to work.”

Companies who partner with Regenexx not only report a significant drop in the need for high risk orthopedic surgeries, they show less absenteeism and an enhanced benefits package. In fact, when given the choice of a traditional surgical procedure or a Regenexx procedure, employees have chosen to pursue Regenexx over 99% of the time. When combined, these two factors create a win-win scenario for companies in offering innovative yet cost-effective benefits to their employees.

“When it comes to solving America’s healthcare crisis, innovative solutions like Regenexx are the answer. As the provider of the most advanced non-surgical orthopedic care available in the United States, we are committed to making the latest advancements in medical innovation available to produce the best-possible patient outcomes for Tempus’ customers,” said Jason Hellickson, CEO of Regenexx. “Regenexx clinics are the only regenerative medicine solution with the capability to serve a nationwide footprint with the same standard of care from coast to coast with 65 clinic locations across the country and a projected 70 additional by the end of 2019.”

About Tempus
Tempus Innovations is a privately owned cost management solutions company serving the P&C industry. Tempus creates unique products to solve indemnity and expense challenges in auto and workers’ compensation. Tempus solutions are pragmatic and consensual, providing value to the patient, provider and payer. Tempus maintains best in industry ranking for each solution based on superior service, outcomes and workflow. Tempus’ competitive advantage is the ability to consistently create new and sustainable solutions based on a passionate commitment to the Tempus Promise to always listen, innovate and serve with a sense of urgency. To learn more, please visit us at https://tempusinnovates.com or call (480) 347-1193.

About Regenexx
Regenexx is a nationwide network of physicians who practice Interventional Orthopedics, a new specialty that focuses on using the most advanced regenerative-medicine protocols available as an alternative to many orthopedic surgeries. Regenexx has published roughly half of the research world-wide on the use of stem cells for treating orthopedic injuries, and our patented treatment lab-processing and treatment protocols allow us to achieve unmatched results. Our procedures use your body’s natural healing agents including blood platelets and stem cells to repair damaged bone, muscle, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. We believe in educating patients, offering options, and encouraging people to take an active role in their own treatment.

For more information on Regenexx Corporate visit https://www.regenexxcorp20.wpengine.comor call 888-547-6667. For more information on the Regenexx procedures visit https://www.regenexx.com.