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Regenexx Traction Update for Brokers

We’re holding three sessions. Select the date & time that is the most convenient for you.

Why Join Us?

Regenexx exceeded all expectations in 2020. Join us to learn about new updates from Regenexx traction that more than doubled our self-funded business in 2020. Thirty brokerage firms now have coverage for Regenexx on their own self-funded health plans. We have a total of 250 corporate clients with groups up to 100,000 adding coverage in 2020. With all of our growth, we managed to maintain a 75 net promoter score on average for the year. This is truly a win-win opportunity for self-funded groups looking to manage musculoskeletal spending. 

We will give you an update on:​

  • Employer Traction
  • Broker Traction
  • TPA Traction
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Clinical Update
  • Utilization Review Program
Join Regenexx Corporate Founder, Jason Hellickson, to get an update and ask us questions. 

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