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“To allow employees to choose not to have surgery and to recover very quickly with much lower cost but also much lower absenteeism and a lot less pain and suffering.”
-Steve Lacy, Chairman and CEO Meredith Corporation

Approximately 70% of orthopedic surgeries can be completely avoided with a Regenexx procedure. This orthopedic healthcare innovation is less costly, less invasive, and less risky than traditional orthopedic surgery.

When an employee chooses to have a Regenexx procedure, our corporate partners save the day their surgery is avoided. We call that Day-One Dollar-One Savings. The Validation Institute has confirmed we are saving our corporate partners 77% of what their orthopedic spend would have been.

Companies like Meredith Corporation offer Regenexx as part of their care continuum for all musculoskeletal conditions. Utilizing our very specific kind of care has saved Meredith Corporation over $1.2 million in orthopedic expenses.

The graph below demonstrates the cumulative Regenexx procedure classification for Meredith.

Over 90% of Meredith employees have avoided surgery.

Average cost of knee replacement surgery $27,000
Average cost of Regenexx knee procedure $8,000

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