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The Essential Benefit for your Essential Workers

WorkersWhile the world continues to open, with travel bans lifted and mask mandates loosened—the COVID-19 pandemic still is happening around us. In the beginning of it all, employers sent the traditional office worker home with equipment to continue working virtually.

While this option still is happening globally—most companies going completely remote—there is a portion of the workforce who never skipped a beat, keeping their commutes, and sometimes logging even more hours than pre-pandemic.

This is the “essential” workforce. They’re the ones on the front lines—in hospitals caring for patients, working in law enforcement, or producing and devlivering food to our grocery stores. They’re the employees who kept the world moving, even when it seemed to stop.

Most of these essential workers are in labor-intensive jobs that require them to be on their feed, lift heavy objects, or operate machinery. Injury or strain on their muscles is inevitable.

Treat Your Frontline Workers to the Best

According to both the Department of Homeland Security and Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 50 million people are qualified as frontline workers—a majority of the 90 million people employed in America’s essential industries. Here’s a breakdown of the top five essential worker industries and the makeup of the workforce:

Industry Percentage of Workforce
Community and Government Operations 25.8%
Healthcare/Public Health 23.4%
Transportation and Logistics 11.3%
Critical Manufacturing 9.3%
Commercial Facilities 8.9%

It’s important that companies offer the best benefits available to ensure that members of the essential workforce show up to work pain-free—both mentally and physically. It’s known that these workers are on the move constantly, and this can exacerbate musculoskeletal disorders are one of the top reasons why employees call in sick, and a top driver of overall healthcare spending.

Adding Regenexx as a benefit can get your employees back to work and feeling better sooner— all while cutting costs. Regenexx provides your employees with healthcare choice, an important consideration when nine of the top 10 orthopedic surgeries have little to no evidence of efficacy, according to a recent study by the British Medical Journal.

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Regenexx is an easily added benefit to include in any self-funded healthcare plan.

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